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Manuscript Guidelines

 Manuscript Guidelines for Articles          

I. Text

  1. Submissions in English should be written in Times New Roman font.
  2. Please follow (1) the title; (2) author/translator; (3) abstract; (4) keyword; (5) section heading; (6) paragraph heading; (7) text; (8) graph/table; (9) illustration; (10) cited works; (11) bibliography accordingly.
  3. English articles should refer to The Chicago Manual of Style: the essential guide for writers, editors, and publisher (15th ed., Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003), Humanities Style.
  4. All titles should be italicized and initially capitalized, whereas articles, prepositions and conjunction are exception. Please use semicolon to separate titles from subtitles, and capitalized the initial subsequently. In case of capitalization influences the meaning, keep the original font unchanged.
  5. Journals, theses or dissertation, journal articles, books or conference papers should indicate with “-” or ‘-’. Journals, theses or dissertation, journal articles, books or conference papers in English with phonetic symbols should refer to the original text or academic praxis.
  6. Indent the first line of the paragraph and indicate in Time New Roman font.
  7. For quoting words and phrases, indicate in single quotes; for quoting speech, the final punctuation marks before close-inverted comma; for proper noun or particular expression, the final punctuation marks after close-inverted comma. Use square brackets [ -- ] or [―] for quotation; ellipsis[…] for omission.
  8. All footnotes should appear beneath the article.
  9. The first appearance of the translated name should indicate together with its original one. For Chinese, Japanese and Korean transliteration, please refer to academic praxis.
  10. For graph, table or picture, please state clearly the source. The title should appear on top of the table, whereas the illustration below. For picture, both the title and illustration should appear at the bottom of the picture.
  11. Dissertation should indicate citation that quoted from the particular works. A part from cited works, a bibliography is also recommended.
  12. If quote from different edition, please specify the edition quoted from.

II. Works Cited

  1. Serial numbers are unnecessary for all entries. Please follow the same format as that of the footnotes.
  2. Entries in English should be listed apart from Chinese and Japanese.
  3. List all entries in alphabetical order by last name of the author. Article completed by two authors, list both authors alphabetically. If author publishes two articles or above within a year, indicate the year of publication in sequence. Ex: 1953a, 1953b.
  4. Author, title, year of publication and edition in the works cited page should in accordance with the text and footnotes.
  5. For bibliography, follow the format as that of the works cited page.


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