Degree Programs


Undergraduate program

Courses offered by DEAS are designed to enable students to advance their studies in their areas of interest and to have fundamental interdisciplinary knowledge and views.

There are two different groups from which students can choose:

group ACulture and Its Application

group BPolitics, Economics and Regional Development

In the courses of the Culture and Its Application group, students are expected to understand international East Asian sinology, culture, and thinking from a cross-cultural perspective. In the courses of the Politics, Economics and Regional Development group, students are expected to understand international politics, the economics of East Asia, and the structure and development of the primary East Asian countries.

I. Program Information


Bachelor Program

Degree Offered

Bachelor of Arts, B.A.

Admission Evaluation

Document Review and Interview

(either in person or by video-conferencing)

Language Proficiency Requirements for Application

Choose one among below

Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL, Level 4)

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK, Level 6)

or any other equivalent Chinese proficiency certificate

Semester of Admission

Both fall-term and spring-term are available.

For more information about courses, admission, tuition, or scholarship, please find following links for reference:


Admission】【Course information for B.A. program】【Scholarship】【Tuition & Miscellaneous Charges


II. Course Works & Program Requirement: B.A. Program

Credits Needed for Graduation: B.A. Program



Common Courses

General Required Courses

Elective Courses

Free Electives

Minimum Credit Requirement


Since 2018 Fall-term


28 credits


30 credits

45 credits

15 Courses


25 credits


128 credits


Freshmen Year + Sophomore Year

8 Courses


Major group

at least 5 Courses

Minor group

at least 3 Courses


Junior Year + Senior Year

7 Courses



Major group

at least 6 courses

Minor group

at least 1 courses


III. Course Information


Curriculum Structure: Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Incoming Exchange Students



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