Table of Scholarships for Prospective International Students

Poster:Post date:2019-10-24

Table of Scholarships for Prospective International Students

Scholarship opportunities & supports for international students at NTNU!


1. NTNU Student Scholarships:

Tuition waiver support for one undergraduate awardee, up to NT$110,400 and
tuition waiver support for one graduate student awardee, up to NT$112,528.

2. MOE/ MOFA/ MOST Taiwan Scholarship:

stipends of NT$15,000-30,000 per month and tuition support from
Taiwan Scholarship:

3. Elite Scholarship Program for current lecturers from Southeast or South Asia countries: NT$300,000 a year.



*For detail information regarding scholarships: http://www.ntnu.edu.tw/oia/scholarship.php

*If the recipients above withdraws from their studies or is suspended or expelled from NTNU, their scholarship will be revoked.

*Registered students may request their program of study for further support such as research/teaching assistant opportunities and on-campus part-time jobs.

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